The 5 benefits of a Mayday by Zendesk knowledge base



First of all, it is good to remember what a knowledge base is! Formalizing a knowledge base is above all an approach that serves to centralize expertise in a field, for example that of customer relations, in the form of documentation.

Moreover, according to Wikipedia: “a knowledge base brings together knowledge specific to a given specialty area, in a usable form”: mainly digital support.

Applied to customer relations, discover how this approach has many advantages in organizing and optimizing your customers' experience with zendesk and Mayday.

Centralize knowledge in one place

And yes, it is quite handy when everything is tidy, well titled and well filed. For your documents and resources, it's the same!

Exit duplicates, shared files, requests for various rights and especially update issues. With an intelligent knowledge base, everything is in one place, shared by everyone and updated at once.


Increase team productivity

The knowledge base provides faster access to relevant resources and therefore a gain in team productivity. The time thus saved can be allocated to tasks that create more added value.

And if on top of that, as Zendesk research shows, 81% of customers say a good customer service experience makes them more likely to make another purchase, then everyone's a winner.

The digitalization of the customer experience is fundamental. It is important for your customers but also for your employees who manage the service on a daily basis. Also, the provision of knowledge in the right place, at the right time, in a harmonized and adapted format (computer graphics, mini visual formats, mini video, etc.) and at your fingertips (for example within the Zendesk ecosystem) is a major asset in carrying out their mission.

Storing well is one thing, but finding well is better. When you have an incident to solve and you have to provide a customer with a clear and quick answer, you absolutely have to be able to find the information quickly. Did you know that an advisor can waste an average of 20% of their time looking for information? Mayday offers a powerful and refined search engine, combined with a ranking of top requests.

If your employee has faster access to quality information, he is more serene and remains focused on customer satisfaction.

Ensure the quality of interactions

Internal knowledge bases save everyone time. They have the ability to disseminate information across your organizations, beyond a team, a sector, a region, or even more, which facilitates interactions.

It is a powerful tool for aligning teams, staying consistent and conveying a unity of tone, values and commitment, all while respecting processes.


Increase the comfort and autonomy of teams

Intelligence at the service of customer relations is also an issue for the care professions. Mayday presents itself as a solution to support and help advisers and thus improve their quality of life at work.

This system brings comfort and autonomy to your teams who are more confident and thus more efficient.

From now on, all knowledge is accessible via an intelligent, automated and up-to-date solution. Also, distance is no longer an obstacle to the progress of a project, or to the processing of a ticket in zendesk for example. Complaint processing and satisfaction KPIs are all the better for it!

A new employee can easily and quickly start on his position.

It provides simple, fun and intuitive access to the entire knowledge base.

Procedures, best practices, support methodologies, automations and even the most complicated situations are explained to him.

Facilitate customer self-care

Let’s conclude with a quest that speaks to many of us: the search for a better customer experience! One of the tricks is to give control back to the customer. If you make a certain number of simple requests accessible to him: access his order tracking, change his password, make a return, he will only be satisfied. Thanks to self-service within the framework of an intelligent knowledge base, you are on the right track to optimize your customer relationship and the icing on the cake will allow you to minimize your costs!



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